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David Kapp


November 30, 2013 – January 11, 2014

Cyclist and Sign
West East I
Walker 2013 acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and ink on pasted paper
Truck & Bus Traffic
5 Cars 2013
Vertical Crowd on Silver Ground
Up Through the Subway
Coming Out of the Subway
Wall Street 2013
Coming Out of the Subway
Canal West 2013

Press Release

The Tibor de Nagy Gallery is pleased to present the first exhibition of the artist’s collages. Collage-making has been part of the artist’s practice, using them as studies or drawings for paintings, for forty years. The new body of work represents for the first time a series of large collages he made over the last year. The artist has explored for years New York City subjects including vehicular traffic and street crowds on sidewalks and at crosswalks. It will also include a series of cyclists seen from above, from the artist’s studio window on Canal Street.

Kapp’s focus on making collages on a larger scale (44” x 30” the largest) has suggested new graphic and compositional possibilities for both his collages and paintings. He uses either collage material that already existed, or he paints the paper himself. They are mostly saturated colors, various blues and reds. The simplified shapes capture both the buildings and the deep shadows and chasms between them. The use of simplified shapes creates negative spaces and the resulting image veers toward abstraction.

The artist’s work has been the subject of over twenty-five solo exhibitions throughout the country. His work is in many public and private collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Academy of Design, and The Mint Museum of Art.