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The Elders


April 20 – May 26, 2023

new.shiver Full Moon Clouds (Cracked Sky Clouds), early 2000s to 2023
new.shiver Habitat, 2016-2023
new.shiver Meet, 2016-2023
new.shiver The Light Under, 2016-2023
new.shiver Mine Shaft, 2021-2023
new.shiver April May, 2021-2023
new.shiver Picnic at the Thaw, 2022
The Elders
new.shiver Sign, 2016 to 2023
new.shiver Thunderstorm, 2022-2023
new.shiver Scout, 2016-2023
new.shiver Window, 2022-2023
new.shiver Sunder, early 2000s to 2023
new.shiver Paper Shelter, 2016-2023
new.shiver Grandma's Light, 2022-2023
new.shiver Blue, early 2000s to 2023
new.shiver That Dream Where You, 2022-2023
new.shiver Long Climb, 2021-2023
new.shiver Leafing, 2022-2023
new.shiver Long Night Climb, 2021-2023
new.shiver Ember, early 2000s to 2023
The Elders
The Elders
The Elders
The Elders

Press Release

new.shiver The Elders 

April 20 to May 26, 2023

Tibor de Nagy is pleased to present The Elders by the anonymous artist new.shiver. This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery.

new.shiver's The Elders is a body of work that sits within the artist's wide ranging painting practice.  Intimately scaled, with thick or sweeping applications of paint, worked and reworked over a period of years.

Through a process of accretion the object-like paintings give the sense that the works evolved over geological time, with atmospheric and physical forces at work.  While continually evolving, the history of each painting is visible in its substructure.  Undulating, earthly and smoldering colors accumulate until each painting is its own complex ecosystem. 

Time is an important factor in new.shiver's work.  These are long-process paintings, each work being returned to, and reworked, again and again.  In the thickest paintings, each layer can take months or years to dry enough to work with again.  The continuous interruption and unpredictable wait times suspend the painting's trajectory, and at each return, the work is reentered with a different state of mind than where it left off.  Wide, smooth, sweeping strokes now appear in the work, bringing a shifting depth and openness.  These paintings, too, are worked and reworked over many turns.  In these, the layers are subtler, with a keen sensitivity to atmospheric shifts.

The Elders speak to the eternal forms and forces such as land, sky or water, and to scale, the grand and the microscopic.  Nature informs the work, and in the artist's words, the paintings "began developing their own terrain - steep ravines and caverns, or maze-like structures, and cobbled shelters within chaos.  Their dedicated accumulation, rough and craggy, with unique inclusions, developing slowly like minerals.  Wide, sweeping swaths of atmospheric strata are beginning to appear."

new.shiver is an artist living and working in the United States. Recent solo exhibitions include Emma Gray HQ/Five Car Garage, Los Angeles and Satchel Projects, New York.