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Donald Evans

Selected Works

September 8 – October 15, 2011

1939. Nadorp. Pictorials.
Sabot. Poste Maritime.
1966. Achterdijk. Pears of Achterdijk (Fondante de Charneu of Legipont).
1949. Gnostis. Magical Symbols.
1934. Mangiare. Fruits and Vegetables.
Nadorp watercolor on paper
Adjudane. watercolor nd
1945 Fauna and Flora. Wildflowers,
1932. Tropides Islands.
1946. Pasta. Arms of the provinces of Pasta.
Tropides Islands. (Lula Cay and Lessens Trops).
1930. Sung-Ting. Timbres
1949. Katibo. Fruits.
1966. Achterdijk. Pears of Achterdijk. (Fondante
Iles des Sourds.
Tropides Islands (Badge of...)
1945. Amis et Amants.
Tropides Islands. Orchids.
Azori Island. Territoire de Calude.
1930. Domino. watercolor
1956. Amis et Amants.
Cadaques. Fruits and Vegetables.
1957. Gnostis. Natural Phenomena.
1900. Fauna. Puffin in Flight.
1968. Mangiare. Pesto production promotion
1938. Gnostis. Clouds.
1930. Dominos watercolor and rubber stamp on paper
1852. Cape Girao.

Press Release

The gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of watercolor stamps of imaginary countries by this remarkable artist, who, since his untimely death in a fire at age 31, has remained a cult-figure, both here and abroad.

Evans began painting stamps of imaginary countries as a child and a novice stamp collector, and revisited and developed the concept as an adult, as he traveled the world, eventually settling in Amsterdam. Evans’ imaginary countries are complete with their own history, geography, currency and customs. The artist recorded each stamp series in his Catalogue of the World, organizing the work as one would an actual stamp collection.