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Joe Brainard

Painting the Way I Wish I Could Talk

March 15 – April 21, 2012

Untitled (Philip Morris)
Untitled (Cigarette) 1975
Untitled (Love Story)
Untitled (Posy Power)
Untitled (Cherry) 1976
Untitled (Dice) 1975
Chiclets 1975 cut paper, gouache
Flowers 1968 watercolor on paper
Untitled (Female Portrait)
Untitled (Male Torso in Tin)
Untitled (Toast) 1976
Untitled (City Life)
You 1976 cut paper, gouache
Untitled (Guest Check)
Untitled (Cigarettes) 1969
Untitled (Yellow Pansies)
Untitled (Eight of Diamonds)
ZZZZ... 1977 cut paper, gouache
Joe April 27, 1976
I've Been Having

Press Release

The gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of selected works by the artist along with a display of his never before exhibited artist books and manuscripts, in celebration of the publication by The Library of America of The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard, edited by Ron Padgett, with an introduction by Paul Auster.

The exhibition will comprise works on paper including collages, watercolors, and gouaches. Many of the works relate to writing, including images that incorporate text as both thought bubbles as well as compositional elements. The works are humorous and often have a sweetness to them.

There will also be a group of one of a kind books by the artist of original drawings and collages, mostly made for friends. In addition a selection of manuscript pages will be on view, exhibited alongside his art for the first time.