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Chicago based Ann Toebbe grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio prior to earning her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art . She furthered her education with an MFA at Yale University and at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She was awarded a DAAD grant at the Universität der Kunst, Berlin, Germany.

Like pages from a diary, the artist’s past or present, Toebbe records the architecture of current and former domestic environments. These are meticulously flattened, often merging the view from above with a dead on center view. The interiors are reconsidered through Toebbe’s extensive drawing, plotting, cutting and pasting of various elements synthesized into a cohesive whole. Fragments of memories, knitted together, in these unfolded, dollhouse-like, unpopulated rooms, reveal a dynamic 3-D dimension within their static presentation, not dissimilar to a Mandala.

Toebbe’s has had solo exhibitions at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Steven Zevitas Gallery and Monya Rowe Gallery.